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DiAngelo had called it quits for the night, but entertained the notion that this could be a potential client. According to court documents, he received a day sentence of collecting trash on weekends for an unrelated crime. Fifteen blocks south is the pitch-black mouth to a mobile-home park where underage girls are trafficked, DiAngelo says.

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Moments later, the stoop is empty, too. But there is one thing she can say for sure: DiAngelo still carries a faint rasp in her voice—a battle scar from that long-ago attack.

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She sinks to the ground, terrified, as the man yanks her hair and barks. Down the street, a female worker slides into the passenger side of a pickup truck.

She and Callahan tin how these rhythms end. Callahan, once and go under a court of minors hedging her forehead, chats to her best hand, Kristen DiAngelo.

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