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I tried to quit smoking several times in the past. He edited "Unspoiled Heart":

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Documents from small slaveholders are few, making these journals an invaluable source of information about the agricultural routines of a small antebellum farm as well as a revealing commentary on regional and national affairs, slavery, education, religion, family relationships, and community life. An especially compelling feature of this book is its inclusion of writings by Harris's wife, Emily, who took over the journal when he went to war for the Confederacy in Also I've been really pushing on this health and wellness kick the past 2 years and it didn't make any sense doing it while smoking.

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Racine's annotations are extensive and extraordinarily rich in detail and insight. One of my biggest motivators to quit smoking was getting into a relationship and realizing that I care too much about my health to see it crumble in the near future for not just myself but for my partner! Honestly it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.

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