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Video about navajo gods and goddesses:

WTV: Native Gods & Goddesses of the Earth

Navajo gods and goddesses. Black God (Navajo mythology)

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She is depicted as withered, deeply wrinkled, with white hair and stooped over, using a staff to help her walk. Hastsehogan He is the god of farming and of household in the Navajo myth. It is not uncommon for Black God to be portrayed by an old man dressed in traditional garb including: In the myths she is depicted as being so strong she hurls her arrows with the force that others require a bow to achieve.

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The creation of rivers followed: He controls those bodies of water as distinct from the rain waters that fall from above, which are ruled over by the Navajo rain god Tonenili. Seeing this, Black God hides game animals inside his home, Black Mountain, and surrounds it with poisonous plants to further ward against intruders. Estsanatlehi was associated with the Navajo female puberty ritual as her sister Yolkaiestsan is associated with the Apache female puberty ritual.

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Tienoltsodi — In many myths the water-god who flooded the previous world prompting the Navajo people to flee upwards to this present world where they were saved from Tienoltsodi by the Navajo rain god Tonenili. God of Fire, God of Starlight.

Navajo Gods and Goddesses

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