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NP203 transfer case explanation

Np203. NP203/NP205

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D figure 8 style GM NP's. The bolt patterns on all of our adapters are extremely accurate, and as such we run tight tolerances on all our parts.


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These covers are anodized for lasting looks and etched with the NWF Logo. We're going to walk through the steps to mate the NP to the most common transmissions in use today. This rotation will increase ground clearance, however a portion of the range box will enter the cab of the vehicle. Only a few factory adapters will allow this rotation to take place, and shifting the unit is slightly more complex.

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You can see that the rear crossmember was widened note welded in steel to widen it , and the front was modified with a tunnel for the front driveshaft. Rally wheels and a Sport model are now also offered as options. This case uses a 2. The ci V-8 was no longer available in K10s.

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