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These will hold the bra fabric away from your sore nipples and allow nothing but air to touch them. Long periods of comfort sucking at the end of a breastfeed are great for building a good supply but they can be feeding hard to endure when you have recovering traumatised nipples. Shorter, more frequent feedings are easier on your nipples than longer nursing sessions spaced farther apart. Protects and heals sore or cracked nipples.

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This cream is billed as being safe for both the baby and the mother. Specifically designed to be non-greasy, no mess and easy to apply.

Experiencing Sore Nipples From Breastfeeding

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Soaps remove these natural oils, causing dryness and cracking. How you can prevent sore nipples Paying careful attention to how your baby takes the breast will prevent, or at least reduce the problems associated with sore nipples.

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