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After seeing the first breath of her new attachments, she rips off her arm and impales the originator of said spikes' forehead with it. May be combined with Metronomic Man Mashing if you're attacking both the person you're hitting and the person you're hitting with. It may or may not have already been completely detached by the savage beating it just took. Why this is unfortunate it does happen occassionally and all reputable bowling centers will either fix the damage or in the case of the damage being in the track area will replace the ball.

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Feel free to e-mail if you need specific info about any of these LPs in-depth condition description, track listings, label info When Alphonse fights Pride and Kimblee he gets his metal hand cut off but then uses alchemy to instantly replace it, grabs the original, and turns it into a sword.


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This gets Kaijufied in the Jinchuuriki fight in the War Arc: All the Jinchuuriki are in full Tailed Beast form. For people who club the others with bodies as standard weapon see Improbable Weapon User. In History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi , one of the masters fought off an island full of heavily-equipped opposing forces by using them as giant shurikens.

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For people who club the others with bodies as standard weapon see Improbable Weapon User. In K , Kuroh throws one Scepter 4 Clansman at another during the fight in the stadium. Since Al is a soul bound into a massive suit of armor, he really doesn't need his head, but it irritates him nonetheless. The Wurst of P.

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