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In order to collect data and conduct research on the chosen area, Thomas and another student, Lisa Kimmerling, took soil and water samples in the spring and summer of There was more pressure on them than me. It brought a smile of nostalgia to my face, for sure!

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Thornton played in 29 games, averaging It brought a smile of nostalgia to my face, for sure! United Way of Dalton, moving of furniture so that carpet could be installed.

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He began his college career at Atlanta Metro State College but decided to move to Gordon State to be near his hometown. Whitfield County Schools Bus Garage, washing buses before school started back. Bramson, a wealthy elderly lady, her niece Olivia, their servants, and a mysterious young man named Dan. Victoria Roy, another biology major at Dalton State, chose to research another natural curiosity and was also chosen to present her research at the Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference.

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