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It can also be caused by the autosomal recessive congenital disorder known as Fraser syndrome. Many women with protruding clitoris have reported experiences of more intense vaginal and clitoral orgasms and find they can also differentiate the two sources of sensations.

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There is nothing dangerous about a large clitoris, although it might signal an underlying medical problem like a hormonal imbalance that needs medical attention. This includes the clitoris.

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Your mind should be hopefully more at ease at this point. A more prolonged irritation however, could signal something else, at which time you must see a doctor. This is exacerbated if you cough, sneeze, lift heavy objects and strain, and you will most likely also experience back pain.

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Pseudoclitoromegaly or pseudohypertrophy of the clitoris "has been reported in small girls due to masturbation: It is normal for women and girls to vary in the size of their clitorises. This is exacerbated if you cough, sneeze, lift heavy objects and strain, and you will most likely also experience back pain.

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