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Paducah area code. ZIP Code 42003

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NANPA recommended that instead of the original proposal for a split, should be implemented as an overlay for the region. Mandatory dialing to the new area code was changed as well, but the actual date was to be determined later by the PSC. Telephone area code serves southern Indiana.

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What time zone is area code ? It has a separate page for Demographics and is organized very well. The time in Spain is the same as in France, Germany, orItaly, among other countries. The split generally followed the boundary between the Eastern and Central time zones; generally, Kentucky's share of the Central Time Zone became

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It has statistics for every zip code and city; for every city it has the listed zip codes, area code, time zone, county it is in, population by ethnicity, growth rank, elevation, land area, median age, female population, male population, and so much more. Numbers in area code were made available for assignment on March 3, It has a separate page for Demographics and is organized very well.

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