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Video about palm reading life line fork:

Verious Symbols in Life line

Palm reading life line fork. What Do the Lines on Your Palm Mean?

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Reading the Fate Line The clearer the fate line, the more success is likely, although this does not necessarily mean fame and fortune. Palm readers normally check the following properties of the palm for their reading. Mostly we are terrified to lose control of our own lives because we fear lightening bolts, poverty, isolation and other impossible tests of faith related to previous experience. If there is no line of head, heart, and life it has no special significance.

Heart Line

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Are you a gifted healer? Fate Line Endings When the fate line stops at the head line, poor judgment was the reason for failure. Effect of Marriage line on married life If the marriage line is straight or slightly curved towards Heart line [Fig 2], the person will enjoy good married life.

Marriage line

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In some cases, we find a long line starting from inside the Venus mount and reaching the Mercury mount cuts the marriage line below the little finger. Forks and Branches When the line breaks into many little branches at the end, the owner will diversify so much that nothing will be satisfactorily achieved. Marriage is one of the important aspects of life.

Marriage line (spouse and children)

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Below you will get complete details on the major lines on the palm and how they can be interpreted. In this article, we will concentrate on the length and prominence of these five major lines. The dominant hand gives you an idea about how the original plan has been altered due to the choices made by an individual during his lifetime.

Effect of Marriage line on married life

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Palm readers normally check the following properties of the palm for their reading. Below you will get complete details on the major lines on the palm and how they can be interpreted.

Head line (brain, wisdom and intelligence)

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