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Piper hopes Archer buyers may be induced to purchase an Arrow or Seminole, comparable step-up, two-engine airplanes with similar powerplants and retractable gear. These days, Ovations come in two varieties, the Ovation2 and Ovation3.

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In those rare instances when we do need to transport a quartet, we can leave some fuel behind and launch without fear of being over gross. Lancair COO Tom Bowen says the company is proceeding with the certification program, but at a slow pace. Skyhawks are revered for their slow-flight capabilities.

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Blue This song never left my brainspace until it was off the radio for three years. Closing Time I know who I want to take me home- Semisonic. Unfortunately, the system was too good. Such slow speeds allow for the use of short runways, making Skyhawks popular in places that are ill-suited for other types.

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