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Pbnyc. Bayside High School

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The municipal government implements the top proposals. The main function of the Municipal Council of the Budget is to reconcile the demands of each district with available resources, and to propose and approve an overall municipal budget. A special schedule was distributed during the official attendance period, indicating where each period meets.

Participatory Budget Voting

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CVH also advocates for a gradual increase of money being allocated through PB as residents become increasingly familiarized with the process. The drafted budget is shared to the public and put for a vote. Neighborhood budget committees, for example, have authority to determine the citywide budget, not just the allocation of resources for their particular neighborhood. At a second regional plenary, regional delegates prioritize the district's demands and elect 42 councillors representing all districts and thematic areas to serve on the Municipal Council of the Budget.


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In each constituency three meetings were held; each meeting was attended by residents, and a list of key issues was prepared, which was then voted on to decide the top priorities. Voting was not over allocating money to specific project proposals, but rather to determining exact allotments to four broad distinct budget categories: On the other hand, the study also points out that the lack of citizen capacity, inadequate resources for smaller municipalities, and limited representativeness of vested interests as some of the most unresolved challenges in Korea's PB implementation. Idea collection is focused particularly on hard-to-reach communities, such as immigrants with limited English proficiency, youth, senior citizens, and public housing residents.

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Representatives of the divided districts are either elected or volunteered to work with government officials in a PB committee. Seventy percent of the student body voted in the process, with the money allocated towards building a new recreation room.

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