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Plural for porch. What is pluralism?

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So many of us will add two tablespoonfuls of sugar to a recipe, while others still add two tablespoonsful. She works on a variety of media in all levels of editing. Logically, we might pluralize both nouns, since both are of equal value: But that changes the meaning of the phrase; after all it's easier to find two or more needles in a haystack than just one.

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So if you have two such lawyers, you would have two attorneys general. Martinel 84, Contributions What is a Porch?

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In casual writing or with an audience familiar with the term, placing the plural suffix at the end of the unit may be fine. Logically, we might pluralize both nouns, since both are of equal value: We're still going to add the plural suffix to the noun:

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Who invented the porche? Mdg 6, Contributions What is the plural of no? Translations for 'porch' British English:

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She works on a variety of media in all levels of editing. The verb ' to do ' that follows a plural subject is do! The noun 'do' is a word for the first note on a musical scale; andan informal word for a social event such as a party or a hairstyle short for hairdo. First, check your dictionary.

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