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Just thinking about my sexual experiences on meth make me aroused. Interestingly, a tola is also the standard unit of weight used by jewelers and dealers often use jewelers scales to measure their product Cannabis user[ edit ] Cannabis slang astro traveler, blazer , head, herbalista, porreta Spain , pothead , stoner , toker , masher, burner, burnout, jigga-man, smot poker, patties, baker, space cowboy, space cadet, space case, beatnik sometimes used derogatorily , mota boy, Rasta, "Infant smoker", "Deathbed first time user", "Bible paper roller", tree hugger, nannies with glaucoma, hippies, trizer head, junkie, brody gusar, cheecher, puffers, bonglords, doobians, stucking foners Spoonerism of fucking stoners , smelly kid, dope head, doper, weekend warrior, droseph jones, janome, regis, crackes, maroe, rpoDRO, chronic, grasshopper, puff daddy, tree tripper, rocket man See also: The first amplified rock concert given in the UK was by Tommy Steele believe it or not!!

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Just like your average hi-fi speaker. That's a few basics Yeah, it's that kind of high.. As you probably know, bass sounds are omni-directional, we dont really percieve them as coming from a directional source as much as higher frequencies

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I always enjoy your posts. LoL Kristof There are chemical additives for tobacco approved by the US government what are you talking about? But here are the usual cross-over frequency ranges for the various typical system For smaller live venues the main PA would be comprised of soley 'Short-Throw' units

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