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This method could also be adapted to work outdoors over a campfire or portable gas camp stove. I'm not saying that you should definitely use brass, but you might be overacting a bit.


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Brass is made from copper zinc and LEAD! Don't use cheap non food grade stainless steel because the cheap stuff has other metals in it that will corrode and contaminate you final product and stainless steel won't remove sulfites like copper does. July 6, There are typically two things you can do with a pressure cooker still distill alcohol and make moonshine etc, or to purify unclean or salty water to make it safe for drinking. The purpose of this post it to focus on the latter!

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It does not produce poisons. Lead is a leeching risk for older brass, but alot of modern brass only has 8 percent lead to make it machinable, often plated so its not on an exposed surface.

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