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Though the suit was settled quietly before its court date, the Screen Actors Guild rewrote their rules on stock footage as a result of this. Kathy, Mimi, Janet Thank you for your personal help and guidance "Thank you so much for your hard work and the new truths and facts you research and present—often in the face of fierce opposition. This happens more rarely with minor human characters, but there are still some examples, like Natsumi's and Fuyuki's teachers in later episodes.

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Pulling off The Other Darrin is tricky under the best of circumstances. When Sellers died, Edwards made Trail as the first part of a relaunch of the series with a new lead character introduced in the second part, Curse of the Pink Panther , which comes across as a downright ghoulish grab for a Cash Cow Franchise. This is because Tom himself had hurt his neck and was in a neckbrace, so his stunt double had to do the fight, with Tom Baker providing voice over grunts. Laurence Olivier , via the magic of stock footage and CGI, managed to appear as Doctor Totenkopf, the Big Bad , despite the huge setback of being dead.

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Even before Shemp died, mixing old and new material in Stooges comedies was pretty common. Or perhaps they are a regular but they unexpectedly quit or died or you had to abruptly fire them or are just unavailable temporarily and you need to buy time to write them out or replace them. Even supporting players needed fake Shemps.


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