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Up through Classical times, the species was certainly thriving in both Gaul and Magna Germania, as it appears in military and hunting accounts of the age. This will give extra clearance when we go to replace the rear shocks and springs, and need to lower the axle to create room to work. I get a second assistant just to monitor the fluid level there.

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The upper-control-arm bushing nut is supposed to be tightened when the truck is sitting on it's weight at it's ride height. I find this much easier than the techniques I used when I first did the install and wrote this post.

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Moose populations are relatively stable in Siberia and increasing on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The historical range of the subspecies extended from well into Quebec, the Maritimes, and Eastern Ontario south to include all of New England finally ending in the very northeastern tip of Pennsylvania in the west, cutting off somewhere near the mouth of the Hudson River in the east. You can't miss it.

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