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Retarded gorilla. The 10 Most Disastrous Saturday Morning Cartoon Adaptations

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Resize the picture of yourself to match the scale of the background picture. Other articles in the Put yourself in the picture series. Use a lasso or square selection tool to outline an area of the photo that includes yourself. Open a picture of yourself in a second window.

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If you ever wanted to see what the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air would have looked like if it told a convoluted back story about crime fighting, was rapped by someone making the lyrics up as he went along and directed by whoever handles production for al Qaeda, well, have at it. No self promotion This includes having your mods or friends post for you. The duo released a new single titled "Lumdi", [3] produced by Korleon. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

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Select the picture of yourself, and copy it to the clipboard. In what is no doubt homage to Oliver Stone' Natural Born Killers, the intro cuts between the cartoon world of the show and the real world events that inspired it Hulk Hogan being the most awesome human being alive. If you submit a video of a Text to Speech donation, read donor name, or song with racial slurs in it, it will be removed.

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