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The fire consumed the house, but detectives believe Merkley was killed the night before. This provides a good investment opportunity for everyone. Need beer and wine bottles?

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This event was attended by diverse participants and it was where the vision and goals of the city have been established. Johnsey admits to deputies to returning the next morning alone, dousing the house and the victim with gas and starting the fire.

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If you are a foodie, Ruston would be the ideal place for you. It was in when the peach farmers decided to organize the Louisiana Fruit Growers Association, which later on launched the Peach Festival in

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If you are a foodie, Ruston would be the ideal place for you. The state attorney is deciding whether year-old Lasiak will be charged as an adult.

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Each teen blames the other for hitting the victim in the head with a baseball bat and leaving him to die. The state attorney is deciding whether year-old Lasiak will be charged as an adult.

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