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October Learn how and when to remove this template message The total population of the San Gabriel Valley in the Census was 1,, people, of which 1,, were living in the 30 incorporated cities. The Palm Theatre is the first movie theatre in the United States to be run by solar energy. Pier 39 is also home to a new aquarium and some very boisterous and amusing sea lions , www.

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He became governor of California twice, in and in and the city of Pico Rivera was named honoring him as the last Mexican governor of California. There are also small pockets of Chinese American businesses that are scattered throughout San Gabriel Valley cities. Margo Dodd Park This ocean-bluff park has a breathtaking ocean view, covered gazebo, a grassy recreation area, bicycle parking and on-street parking. If you are not able to book several months in advance, call the park directly at and they may be able to advise you if last-minute tickets are available.


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Wreathed in mystery, the often fog-shrouded island of Alcatraz lies in the heart of San Francisco Bay, a scant mile and a quarter from the sights and sounds of downtown. Palm Theatre The Palm Theatre is an independently owned and operated movie theatre which features a variety of independent, foreign, arthouse, and mainstream cinema. Lifeguards are on duty during summer peak months.

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