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When you share listings from other Posher's closets, you are helping your followers discover new items and new sellers. You can also share a listing to a Posh Party only available during a Party , Facebook or other social media channels, and to your friends via SMS or email. SE has en experience management team with efficient department heads.

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Our Business consulting move towards a specific industry and domain expertise with a deep understanding and knowledge of the SAP solutions Our consultants deliver action plans that will effectively support your company's goals SAP Implementaion Our implementation services help you to gain full value from your SAP investment and takes full account of your business goals and operational processes. SAP Rollout Roll out is kind of implementation in the sense that, if an implementation is already done for a country the same settings would be set-up for the new country for which the roll out is being carried out. Helping one another become successful is the posh way.

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You can also share a listing to a Posh Party only available during a Party , Facebook or other social media channels, and to your friends via SMS or email. When you share another posher's listings, they will return the favor and share your closet with their followers and so on. How do I share listings and new closets?


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