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NBC's executive vice president for broadcast standards and content policy sent MANAA a letter stating that the network never intended to offend. Critical reception[ edit ] Sara Lewis Dunne, in the book Seinfeld:

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They didn't eat it. The overture prompted many Asian Pegging viewers, re collect Seinfeld rusty Hong Kingstonto engage letters of employ.

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Elaine is at the annual Peterman party, where everyone is anxious to know if she is going to dance again. But The Rye redeems itself somewhat with the much wackier sight of Jerry stealing a marble rye from an old lady and trying to toss it to George on a second-floor [sic; it was third-floor] window Your father's absolutely right. What do you mean stole?

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Who would bring a bread and take it back? Controversy[ edit ] In this episode, J.

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