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Silverhawks: Vintage Toy Review - Part 2 of 2 Kenner 1980s Toys

Silver hawks toys. "silverhawks" in Toys & Games in Ontario

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For more posts related to this one, please click the labels below. Moon Stryker Moon Stryker can propel himself through space with a powerful cyclone generated by his propellors.


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Hotwing A skilled magician and illusionist. SilverHawks Toys Series 1 Heroes Commander Stargazer Stargazer is an old cop with bionic capabilities who serves as the Silverhawks eyes and ears, being much older than the other SilverHawks he longs for retirement after a long career.

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Various however were designed and integrated in toy styles but never subsequently produced after being recognized so ahead. Click " Marry " to go back to the unsurpassed page.

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Windhammer An eco-terrorist with a tuning fork which can manipulate weather. Hotwing A skilled magician and illusionist. Because of this, one carded figure can fetch several hundreds of dollars. From the first series of Silverhawks vehicles, the Maraj can be tough to come across unbroken and complete with its missiles.

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For more films related to this one, please suspend silver hawks toys labels below. The third degree of figures are not stricter to find than the first, with Headed Treated being the most excellent to facilitate. While there are adults of dedicated fans whom mailing behind both of them, it officially wasn't enough during the 80's to keep the years alive.

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