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Slang for hooking up. Beard (companion)

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Draws comparisons to the Nerf line of foam and plastic toys. The term relates to video gaming mostly during the late s through mid s in which game system processors were measured in bits.

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The Scrub will never say this unless he is being condescending. Or, lazily, to games with an isometric view, like Solstice for the NES.

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Stag on - Armed guard duty in greens usually accompanying the RAF police. Polygon 1 A simple 2D shape combined with many other such shapes to create the illusion of a 3D object. Build The collection of items and skills chosen for that particular game or character for a specific purpose. Examples include Wizardry and Fallout.

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Advertising during those times frequently bragged about how many bits this or that console was and therefore what it was capable of producing. Stooging - Patrolling around. Refers to the process of hooking up several computers by cable to ensure instant, lag-free connections.

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