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Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 85, There is also a very close-contoured aerial survey, a copy of which is held at Southampton University.

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Concerns relating to the future effects of climate change and sea-level rise have led to several studies specific to the Solent region Ball et al. Keyhaven and Pennington Marshes.

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This includes maps on bathymetry, oceanography and ancient monuments around the Solent. The set should be consulted for geological and environmental detail of the Southampton area. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 83, The results demonstrate that the Solent River was a substantial system, comparable in size to the present Thames, and was a tributary ofthe 'Channel River' during periods of low sea level cold stages.


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Southampton University, Cope Collection,Cope Constables[ edit ] All grades of constable perform the same basic range of duties, with the rank only reflecting experience. Depending on rank, members may be issued with high-shine polishable lace-up leather boots for ceremonial occasions, similar to that worn by military personnel.

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