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Mackin' Chicks on Xbox live Ep.20 " Spitters are for Quitters "

Spitters are quiters. Why No Girl Should Be A “Spitter,” From A Girl’s Perspective

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If I wanted advice, I would ask the guy behind the counter, thanks. But at no point should you be the guy at the end of the counter giving unsolicited advice.

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Stop at every winery you come across. Like, I know you like Riesling, but do yourself a favor and switch it up. You, my non-swallowers, are not alone. The first, and most obvious, is that the taste, quite honestly, is just vile.

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Just let it dribble right back out of your mouth onto his body? Like the mentality you should have for everything else in life — finish it.

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Even if I regret my decision, I can say I tried something new. I have yet to come across a joint where the head guy hates his job. Stranger still is judging someone else for hers. Most of them are legends in their own mind that have seen some shit.

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