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Medi-Cal is all but gone, Social security is borrowing money from other programs, the schools and cities are being overpopulated, and to make things worse, I even witnessed an 8th grade Graduation done all in spanish. Obama bumperstickers peeling off the backs of cars and people clammering to get their heads back inside their shells.

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And all of them were in Medi-Cal state insurance… THere is also a severe lack of respect from illegals in this country. Not a damn thing. The county I live in has been adversely affected by the foreclosure crisis, and the unemployment rate is

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Why because it cant handle the population boom from Anchor babies and illegal immigrants sucking up all the resources, programs, welfare and other things normally alotted for LEGAL Citizens This is far beyond rediculous…We need to stand up and fight. I do agree that the only people that are considered to be racist these days are whites.

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