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Keen to show off his hairless legs and varnished nails, Dennis was amenable to wearing dresses and skirts, realising that being pretty was something that he was good at, and he wore them all the time, except when he had to go outside. Instead, it is traditional to say " merde ", which is French for "shit".

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This version of the Grinch also bears a grudge against the Mayor of Whoville, who had bullied him as a child and is his rival in winning Martha May Who's heart. He will be portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Lois confided in another female executive, Miranda, who was of the same age and was also married, and asked her how she coped with being the more successful spouse and what to do about her problem husband. Bureaucrats identified who was a Jew, confiscated property, and scheduled trains that deported Jews.

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Another physical characteristic noted to change after the Grinch learns the true meaning of Christmas is his face, which in addition to the line softening mentioned above, becomes somewhat heart-shaped as he smiles broadly. An unspecified or collective occurrence of feces is generally shit or some shit; a single deposit of feces is sometimes a shit or a piece of shit; and to defecate is to shit or to take a shit. I thought for sure you could tell when he is in motion. Where they came from and how they came to me was really none of my business.

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I got arrested because of you! Lahey likens Ricky 's growing ignorance to that of a "shit tsunami", while in another episode,[ which? A radio edit of this song replaced "Oh Shit" with "Oh Snap. The system starts with a hard hat made from tough ABS thermoplastic.

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There are a number of anecdotes and jokes about such situations, as the imagery of these situations is considered to be funny. On 7 November , Herschel Grynszpan , a Polish Jew and illegal immigrant, shot the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in the German Embassy in Paris, in retaliation for the expulsion of his parents and siblings from Germany. While it is common to speak of shit as existing in a pile, a load, a hunk, and other quantities and configurations, such expressions flourish most strongly in the figurative.

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