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Symbolic meaning of bird poop. luck (and bird shit)

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Rain Walking in the rain brings good luck. That night, I found a spider cooked into my pie. Maybe now I can find a job!

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A goddamn pigeon crapped on my shoulder. He approached me to share in my laugh over my mis fortune as I was running the place out of paper towels. In the common beliefs the hunchbacks were thought clever, smart and very skilled in doing business. But today I arrived at work to find the familiar grey-and-yellow smear still cooling on my sleeve.

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As I was driving I realized I forgot the cake at home Some small bird got me right on the right wrist say that ten times fast—heh; maybe it was a wren. I ended up eventually on my own in some strange house, making sure there was no more birds. I don't know how I got through without any bird crap landing on me, but my un?

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The first incident was at a wedding I attended in D. As I entered 3 pigeon flew overhead and the floor was covered in poop. That's right, I found it before I ate it.

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