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Tabzilla. Websites/Mozilla.org/One Mozilla/Documentation/Tabzilla

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This makes for a much lighter Tabzilla but, if you have been relying on Tabzilla injecting jQuery for you, you will now have manually add it to your page. Add the data-infobar attribute to the tab link, with the update option: Adding the Translation Bar extension to Tabzilla requires: You can enable both the Update Bar and Translation Bar as the example above, but one information bar will be shown at a time.

Using Localized Tabzilla

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Tabzilla will use the existing jQuery if available and a supported version, otherwise it will load its own version of jQuery. Comments Tabzilla, the Mozilla universal tab, has been around for a while and today, we are happy to announce that a new version of Tabzilla has been released.

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Just add the following file to your CSS bundle: Posted by Schalk Neethling. If you run into any problems, please open an issue on the Github repo.

Using Tabzilla

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If jQuery is not already on the page, it will automatically be included after the page has loaded. This does not have to add extra overhead to your server as you can include jQuery using one of the many CDN service such as Google or jQuery's own.

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