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Are Tampons For Virgins?

Tampons and virginity. Tampon Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

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It is not possible for a tampon to get lost inside of the body because there is nowhere for the tampon to go. This means the hymen can easily stretch out and back again to accommodate a tampon or a penis. Is virginity just about having a hymen?

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So using a tampon will not affect a girl's virginity in any way. Your hymen and using tampons November 13, Many people believe that a virgin cannot use tampons, or if a virgin does use a tampon she's no longer a virgin. A young girl can start using tampons any time she feels comfortable and ready to.

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Using a tampon will make you lose your virginity. After puberty, the hymen becomes quite elastic and looks like a scrunchy.

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The short answer is no. This will put the tampon into your vagina, with the string still hanging out.

Myth #2: Tampons can get lost in you.

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I have no one else to ask. TSS is a potentially deadly condition that occurs when there is too much Staphylococcus aureus, a type of Staph bacteria, in the body. Aiming the tampon towards your back, push the tampon into the opening. Also, check to make sure the string is showing it should be pointing away from you.

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