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Running over to a small station on an advertised asteroid was pretty easy. Other discoveries included Dampier Archipelago and Dampier Strait. Never piss off a Belter. There are too many interests at stake.

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However, he is outmatched and defeated rather quickly once Gohan assumes his Super Saiyan 2 form. The defenders can easily jam the airlock, and cutting your way in is difficult, at minimum requiring costly specialized equipment. Shooting at tanker shuttles and grabbing their cash, then stealing their fuel and leaving was pretty low risk.

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Many crewmembers will get revenge for a slight real or imagined by betraying their ship and turning state's evidence. Drake sailed right in to Cadiz harbour and wrecked the ships there, before going on to capture another hundred Spanish ships elsewhere.

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Valkanhayn and Spasso were taking their time about screening back, and he began to wonder if they weren't maneuvering the Nemesis into a cross-fire position. Annual maintenance and repairs of battle damage will require lengthy stops in a class A or B port. This should be fun. It thrives along lawless coasts.


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Poverty, mutiny, other crimes, or temperament can force experienced spacers into piracy as a livelihood. It appears as one of his Super Skills in Xenoverse 2. But the cargo from that craft was actually owned by a government-backed corporation that owns Station C.

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