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Steve Anderson and The Clear Word

The clear word bible translation. The Clear Word Bible

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The CWB is a very loose paraphrase

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He was claiming the title of Almighty God. Its sole purpose is to uplift Jesus Christ in communicating biblical teachings, health principles, and family values—in many languages—through various types of printed materials, video products, and recordings of Christian music. Below we compare ten passages from TCW with an accepted modern translation and identify the problems in The Clear Word.

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The Pacific Press website pacificpress. Christians take the words of Jesus and His apostles in the New Testament for final authority on these matters. Following we will examine how three Adventist teachings regarding food, Sabbath, and hell have shaped Blanco's thinking resulting in inaccurate wording of the "biblical" text. Passages that have almost become cliches through familiarity leap from the page with new life, luster, clarity, and relevance.

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