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Either they enter the market with low prices to gain market share, or they cause the existing firm to lower its prices in order to create a entry barrier to the new firm. Only larger online companies with high traffic volumes, such as Amazon, Google, and Yahoo, can begin to compete on a "head-to-head" basis with eBay. The "block" strategy makes it difficult for other companies to copy business processes and intellectual property.

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Bonds, usually for large capital expenditures Taxes, primarily income, property and sales taxes Use fees and tolls With small fast-growing companies such as e-Business startups, investors often track expected revenues and revenue growth and may make changes to increase revenue. Business on the Internet is just beginning, and is evolving through a process of trial and error.

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Processes may be successively introduced over time that result in an overall inefficiency. Therefore the Internet serves to increase the knowledge of prices, find producers of substitute inputs, and subsequently cause downward pressure on prices. Activities, Resources and Capabilities The activities, resources and capabilities of a business are sometimes known as its requirements. This is important for two reasons.


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Competitors may also cause prices to drop through price wars, but can also contribute to stability in the marketplace. Therefore, one of the competing networks becomes dominant as most of the buyers and sellers shift to it. Even though strategies may be implicit in the business model, such as hire workers at the industry wage, it is important to recognize them explicitly because they may have to change as the business environment changes.

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