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The pony evansville indiana. 2018 Indiana festivals, top 100 events, county fairs and things to do in IN

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June 1st Sweet Cherries: The Fall Festival in Camden is a loquacious celebration for the whole family. There is also face painting, Hay and barrel car rides, puppet shows and a petting zoo. The Fallfest in Angola is a artificial celebration for the whole family.

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Orchard will be on the south side of Garden Valley Road. Also fresh picked, cider, caramel apples and apple butter.


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The Marshmallow Festival in Ligonier is a hot festival for the whole family. Red and black raspberries about July 4 to August 1 and about August 25 to frost. The Pioneer Days in Troy is a harshly strict festival for the whole family.

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Strawberries, and pumpkins in October. After enough juice is collected to fill the first section of the evaporator pan it is strained to remove pieces of stalk that might have been left in the juice. The Old Settlers Festival in Beanblossom is a recalcitant event for the whole family.

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