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Also John Hill, owner of "Melville's" the restaurant upstairs. No doubt right now you're asking yourself why you have read this far in the review, given the near-certainty that you will not be going anywhere near a SpongeBob SquarePants movie, unless you are the parent or adult guardian of a SpongeBob SquarePants fan, in which case your fate is sealed. Jake "the Klingon" Klinger, rival plumber to Ben and sci-fi fanatic, in 2point4 Children although he retained his Star Trek based nickname, the show he had allegiance to changed in every appearance.

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In Kekkaishi , Shigemori and Tokiko spend their mornings attacking each other with gardens hoses; it's part of their feud about the 'legitimate heir' of the Kekkaishi founder. Lunar tends to treat Sun this way, though Sun doesn't really reciprocate and simply views Lunar as a friend. Lucille also had Lucille 2, her very nice neighbor who wanted nothing more than for the Bluths to succeed.

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Mikawa and Nagasumi's relationship basically oscillates between this trope and The Rival before eventually settling into Vitriolic Best Buds territory. Usually a supertrope to Comically Lopsided Rivalry.

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