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Trumpy the bear. Is ‘Trumpy Bear’ a Real Product?

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Alec Baldwin deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Now, who owns New York?

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All arbitrations under this Agreement shall be conducted on an individual and not a class-wide basis, and an arbitrator shall have no authority to award class-wide relief. I wish we were all better at ignoring the tweets.

As seen on TV: "The fearless, super-plush American grizzly"

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I want it to be perfectly clear that the men who served in our military spoke from their hearts in the Trumpy Bear commercial. I will see clips now and stuff. I believe what he says. Any appeal of a judgment from a small claims tribunal shall be resolved by binding arbitration under the terms of this Agreement.

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While the TV commercial features a disclaimer emphasizing that President Donald Trump has not endorsed Trumpy Bear, it brings to mind another marketing effort that has emerged during the Trump era. I was so single-minded in getting through the hour, and sarcasm is so easy.

Trumpy Bear: Real or spoof?

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Kellyanne Conway was my favorite for a long time. Many times, the laugh would come at the expense of the guest. And the Democrats, goddamn it, get a little backbone, get a little spine.

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