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Video about tying up syndrome in horses:

Tying up?

Tying up syndrome in horses. Tying Up: Rhabdomyolysis in horses

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The examination may include blood and urine tests, muscle biopsies and an exercise challenge test. Management of Tying up Diet and exercise are closely linked to Tying up and the most important preventative strategies are based upon diet and exercise management. Consider changing the diet, feed less grain and more fat, and make sure the mineral intake is balanced. It occurs in Quarter Horse related breeds, Warmbloods and likely other light horse breeds possibly including thoroughbreds.

Tying Up in Horses

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Loss of electrolytes Electrolytes are essential body salts. A diet balanced for mineral and vitamin needs that provide a good quality hay, fresh water, and minimal grain may be adequate to control some cases of chronic tying up. The different histories, and varying treatments that horses respond to, strongly suggest that we are looking at several different diseases. Prevention of further episodes of tying-up in susceptible horses should include standardized daily routines and an environment that minimizes stress and excitement.

Causes of Tying up

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For polysaccharide storage myopathy, a diet high in fat and low in starch carbohydrates is good. This test is also helpful in planning a training program for your horse. Rug the horse if weather is cool.

What causes tying up in horses?

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