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Types of penis piercing. Genital Piercings

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Keep other peoples bodily fluids away from your new piercing, no touching and no licking. Also, there is a very high risk of causing serious nerve damage if the clitoris is pierced. This is an advanced piercing, and the procedure can be extremely painful.


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While the ampallang passes horizontally through the glans, the apadravya passes vertically through the glans from top to bottom almost always placed centrally and passing through the urethra. So watch for signs of infection and contact your doctor if any of the following symptoms occur.

How Would Someone Know the Piercing Is Being Done Safely?

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After the piercing heals, the ring increases sensitivity of the pierced area, enhancing sexual pleasure. This is preferred because healing time and incidence of infection are reduced by the flow of sterile urine. Bacteria can enter under the skin at that point.

How Is a Genital Piercing Done?

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So watch for signs of infection and contact your doctor if any of the following symptoms occur. Full healing usually takes between four and six months, but can take a year or more. If your piercing is sore you may soak in salt solution for 10 min. First, the glans made anemic by pressing between the two arms of a folded over strip of bamboo.


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