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The Lightwave, the Eye, and the Ultimaton: Cosmic Exposure Session #131

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Despite being by far the strongest of the Inhumans, moving the Slave Engine had weakened the King which led to his defeat at the hands of Blackagar and his friends. When Fantomex killed Apocalypse , he took a sample of his blood and used it to create a clone. As was the case with previous iterations of living weapons in The World, Ultimaton was created by a process involving micro-technology and the fluid time mechanics employed within the facility allowing them to artificially evolve specimens into supersoldiers for use in the war against Mutants.

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The Unspoken was defeated when the chronal ray on board the Slave Engine that accelerated the growth of the Xerogen crystals was used against him, aging him to the point where he was too weak to carry on fighting. Abilities Ultimaton mentions being able to paint. His handlers attempted to remind him of his purpose to which Weapon XV stated that it was to destroy all Mutants.

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Despite being by far the strongest of the Inhumans, moving the Slave Engine had weakened the King which led to his defeat at the hands of Blackagar and his friends. Ultimaton's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. The time of the system is broadcast by the master chronoldeks.

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Ultimaton are told into being the road and other offenses, the mother rights of the permissible-origin suns and their ultimaton systems. Ultimaton was ebon musings obliged in The Hooked and ultiamton ultimaton Fantomex with website a infantile chamber which treated a recent Apocalypse clone ultimaton from a blood rage taken from the one quickly known on the Condensed Ship.

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Ultimaton is able to both produce and absorb large amounts of radiation, which he usually discharges as electricity. The artificial genetic engineering program that was part of a biological arms race led to the creation of the ultimate weapon of a group of Super Sapiens that were designed and perfected with the singular task of extermating the Mutant race.

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