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Backslang reverses the phonetic sound of the word, not the spelling, which can produce some strange interpretations, and was popular among market traders, butchers and greengrocers. I am also informed thanks K Inglott, March that bob is now slang for a pound in his part of the world Bath, South-West England , and has also been used as money slang, presumably for Australian dollars, on the Home and Away TV soap series. Perhaps based on jack meaning a small thing, although there are many possible different sources. Using the most common interpretation as defined on Urban Dictionary, it could reasonably be assumed that the man in question was calling her sexy, or was otherwise referring to her affectionately.

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And I am very pleased with the result. The Contemporary Dictionary of Sexual Euphemisms. Very occasionally older people, students of English or History, etc.

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Books[ edit ] And while you're visiting you're going to have to be able to hang with the guys and roll with the punches. Brewer also references the Laird of Sillabawby, a 16th century mintmaster, as a possible origin. Folding green is more American than UK slang.

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