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How to Use a Urethral Sound Sex Toy

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Yes, there are a thousand different implements and methods for sticking things in your penis. Three things that I learned about sounding 1. As part of our survey of sexual practices, men were asked if they performed urethral sounding for sexual gratification.

So what is urethral sounding?

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Three things that I learned about sounding 1. A priori predictors included sounding, age in year increments, lifetime partner count, sex with strangers and methamphetamine use.

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I went with Hegar, based on the positive reviews and comparatively low price. Respondents were asked if they had ever been diagnosed or treated for the following medical conditions: Wash again and start over.


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The majority of the population were from North America. Urethral sounding is the insertion of an object or liquid into the urethra. Subjects who reported that they had engaged in urethral sounding were the sounding group and subjects who answered no to this question were the non-sounding group. The cohort was restricted to English-literate, internet-using MSM who were at least 18 years of age.

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