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As for Sky News, well, better luck next time. With her wrist tucked under Chris' beard, the inked symbols are clearly visible. Because it might provide useful info.

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And what would American networks make of the televisual event of the year? Hot young surf chick? It was a brief, chaste moment but who can blame William and Kate?

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If you listened hard enough, you could hear a dozen BBC executives slapping their heads in unison and demanding to see what kind of get-out clause had been inserted in Cotton's contract. Was it long enough? Steady and slow wins the race:


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ITV treated the event as the celebration it undoubtedly was and its coverage gets my vote. They ask you whether you have any questions. As soon as Fearne asked them a question and they responded you could see her eyes glaze over. How to be breathtakingly banal and insulting to thousands of engaged couples

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