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Video about vertical clitoral hood piercing:

The q-tip test for VCH (vertical hood) piercing suitability

Vertical clitoral hood piercing. What You Need To Know Before You Get A Genital Piercing

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If you don't have any health conditions or anatomical issues, you don't even need a doctor to sign off on the procedure, she says. You should also use a dental dam when receiving oral sex.

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Healing of a clit piercing can take between four and six weeks. Effects on clitoral sensation[ edit ] In a vertical hood piercing, often referred to as a VCH, the clitoral hood is usually pierced in a manner that causes the jewelry to rest directly on the clitoris , which often enhances sensation.

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In order to be anatomically suited for the HCH, the outer labia need to be less dominate and the hood needs to protrude a bit. Like all other sex topics, education leads to safety and pleasure. The outer labia need to be on the smaller side less dominate to ensure the jewelry does not become sandwiched between them and twist uncomfortably to the side.


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