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Master Builders take long because they have a tendancy to goof off a lot, tell jokes, go swimming, keep wanting to do laundry once the lagoon is done, no points for that. If you have builders in your tribe, they will begin to water the field on their own. If food is really low like an event that washes out all your food pile everyone on the garden or fishing to build it back up. Once the butterflies begin to follow the Golden Child, drag him or her to the strange plant north of the berry bush.

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It may take many tries before they succeed, so be patient and keep trying. The second hut allows your population to expand to 30 villagers, and the final hut allows your population to grow to the population limit of approximately 90 villagers. This puzzle is a key to three other puzzles. Villagers without building skill will water the field, also, but will stop after one trip.

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At the start of the game, one of your builders already has skill in building and will work on the hut unless you retrain them and assign them to a different occupation. Take a master farmer to the lagoon, and they will begin hunting a strange fish. After attaining Level 3 of Construction, drag one of your villagers to the ruins in the southeast portion of the island, and they will begin restoring the ruins.

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