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You can set Hero Droid BB-8 in guard mode, sleep mode, and much more! Banks are skeptical about working with young producers like the Russells; they don't own the farm, are still paying off the cows, and organic grain prices are very volatile.

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They have very healthy calves and have only had one case of milk fever in the past two years. It moves smoothly and is capable of realistic interactions - just like in the film!

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The family's drinking water became contaminated, they believe, by the runoff from a conventionally managed cornfield nearby. Regulating thermostat and weighted lid ensure perfect and even browning. They have a vaccination program and use certain remedies and practices that work on their farm.

Transition to Organic Dairy

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For Brotherly Farm, 42 milking cows will support the needs of one family. Craig puts in most of his farm hours on the weekends. Angela also sells products at farmers' markets and sells the beef at a few stores in Vermont. It moves smoothly and is capable of realistic interactions - just like in the film!

Housing for Cows, Heifers and Calves

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