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Wacko's suiting City of Jacksonville

Wackos jacksonville. Drug, prostitution arrests made in Wacko's raid

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Undercover agents swarm popular Southside strip club on Thursday

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Since there is to be yet another hearing on Waco, let's hope it's for the purpose of examining the facts and learning from that tragedy, not merely to please one more special-interest group with an anti-government agenda…. Police tape was taken down about an hour later. President, since you asked, I must say I'm just a little confused at the characterization of this as a mass suicide. When questioned by Representative William Hughes about whether the Bureau had consulted with the Cult Awareness Network, neither official responded directly.

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What happened?

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Finally, and most poignantly, several surviving Davidians admitted that those within the compound had started the blaze. ATF Agents were not armed with grenades. Well Kohls, I certainly did my part!

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