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Lil Cast Contributions What does it mean to be in a gang? If Department of Public Services fits in the context of your drawing note I would say that is the likely answer to your question. Ron Rosas Contributions What does being a member of a gang means? This means that you are part of a gang, or friends of some one that is in a gang, or you know and take part in the gang activities.

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However little people know what it stands for. Come and watch as these babes ride cock while riding around town.

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Since many women and men upload their hot videos and pictures to the site. They represent truth, freedom, peace, love, andtranquility. Officer Tucker was the one responsible for this trend.

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They represent truth, freedom, peace, love, andtranquility. The five point star, when talking about gangs, the five point staris the symbol of the Bloods and the Latin Kings. If you wish to be in an established gang engaging in criminal activity, you either have to shoot someone on your first robbery or break-in if you are a guy, or you have to throw dice and whichever number comes up is the number of men who are already in the gang that you have to have sex with.

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