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Video about what happens if you go awol from the national guard:

AWOL Desertion Court Martial - What are your options?

What happens if you go awol from the national guard. International News

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Hats off to you Retail security types. From someone who has spoken to thousands of recruits over the years, let me tell you the top 3 reasons you could return home without graduating basic training. Unfortunately I can not take credit for your courageous story.

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They will issue the basic hygiene items and clothing, things that you need to survive. No one, and I mean no one, makes it through basic training without being helped by another recruit. He could not believe that I thought any such weapon would be allowed in a mall. NO state would authorize the use of a semi automatic carbine or rifle made by anyone.

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I have not seen this much stupidity my entire life. What I am trying to say is, does your corportation have room for a few good men? At this point, they start encouraging each other.

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