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These gangs are the manifestation of a modern "white power" subculture that combines the elements of California Latino culture, extreme sports and cannabis subculture. Georgia cracker , Florida cracker , Culture of the Southern United States , and Redneck "Cracker" has also been used as a proud or jocular self-description. For example, in the Arizona prison system, members are known as "kindred" and organize into "families". The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as the Brand, or the AB, is a white supremacist prison gang and organized crime syndicate in the United States with about 15, members in and out of prison.

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However, it is suggested[ who? Evening lectures at 5 pm every 3rd Saturday. Several members of the Family, who were not in prison at the time, attempted to join forces. As prisons began to desegregate, many inmates organized along racial lines.

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Designs commonly include the words "Aryan Brotherhood", "AB", " ", Nazi symbolism such as SS , sig runes , and swastikas , as well as shamrocks and Celtic iconography. Later Silverstein started to plot on killing a prison guard officer. Silverstein killed a prison guard named Merle Clutts in which Clutts was stabbed approximately 40 times. Volunteers, check the schedule here.

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